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"Empowering Individuals on the Autism Spectrum to Thrive"

We offers personalized support and integrative wellness services for children, teens, and young adults with autism, helping them reach their full potential.”

About Us

Preparing Our Children’s Bright Future

Lake Ausm Center is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for children, teens, and young adults up to 21 with autism spectrum disorder. Over the past three years, we’ve seen a rise in autism awareness and inclusive education. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, integrative wellness services tailored to each individual’s needs. By combining mental health therapy and behavior modification, we focus on building social and emotional skills, fostering a positive self-image, and helping each child reach their full potential.

Services that We Provides

Functional Behavior Assessments

Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) identify the causes of challenging behavior in individuals with disabilities. By analyzing behavior patterns and triggers, FBAs help develop targeted intervention strategies to address and support the individual’s unique needs.

Comprehensive Multi Disciplinary Assessments

Comprehensive Multi-Disciplinary Assessments (CMDA) evaluate physical, emotional, and social health. Conducted by healthcare professionals, CMDAs use various tests to develop a holistic understanding and personalized care plan for specific health needs.

Care Coordination Services

Care coordination services assist individuals with complex medical needs in navigating healthcare systems. At Lake Ausm Center, we offer personalized support, advocacy, and comprehensive care plans for individuals aged 3-21, enhancing their overall quality of life.

Welcome to Lake Ausm Center

Being a parent of a child with any developmental challenges is a unique journey. You know your child is gifted and skilled but parents need to sometimes face what feels like insurmountable challenges to guide their child. We are here to support both you and your child.

When facing the challenge of raising children with special needs, it’s easy to overlook the rewards. For many families, those rewards are immeasurable—but they don’t happen on their own. We’re here to help by providing valuable resources, crucial programs, and emotional support that make a significant difference in the lives of individuals with autism and their loved ones.

It has always been our goal to create unique individual plans for treatment that recognizes the unique needs that you and your family have. Lake Ausm Center provides an integrative treatment approach that is customized for each individual child, provides services for clients on the spectrum and their families, including also their academic needs, mental health needs and aims at treating the ‘whole child’ and supporting them. We work with children with a diverse range of needs, from high functioning clients who just need a little help to children facing profound challenges.

Comprehensive Support Services for Autism

We provides comprehensive support services for individuals with autism and their families. From free consultations to personalized treatment planning and healthcare navigation, we’re here to help every step of the way.”
Free Consultation
Discover how our program fits your needs with a free consultation.
Diagnostic Assessments
Identify strengths and weaknesses for targeted interventions.
Family Support and Education
Guidance and support for positive family outcomes.
Care Coordination Services
Personalized healthcare navigation for ages 3-21.

Our Team

Our team consist of very dedicated individuals who strive to provide valuable and resourceful help to those seeking Lake Ausm Center services. valuable and resourceful help to those seeing Lake Ausm Center services. We value our time and your time as we work collaboratively and effectively to create positive results.

Our team will be happy to assist you!

We would love to have you part of the program. Interested in receiving services for you or your loved one? please contact the administrator at -012-3456 789 or email at

Joicy Thomas

Thank you for your in interest in Lake Ausm Center ! WE are thrilled to have you consider us to provide services for your child. We are a Chirstian organization and have at the heart of everything we do the Christian and Universal values of showing above and beyond kindness and Honoring God in all that we do especially in the way we interact with our colleagues and clients. Our staff and me strive to help our clients and their families in the best way we can by offering professional care and by practicing kindness and honor in every interaction we have . 

Managing Director

What Our Team Members Are Saying

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